• Custom Luxury Kitchens


Kitchen is a place where you put all the ingredients to make best for your loved ones. Where we as team of Grandeur make sure for making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally. Our designs make your new kitchen look like it was 'born there'. And It just means that it has to complement the spaces around it.

Design is not just what it looks & Feels like...

Design is How it works..

A merge of contemporary with tradition...

Nothing is in good taste unless it suits the way you live

What's practical is beautiful

Rustic grey with effect of bricks and oak makes a stand out..

Residential's interior

Design means being good,

not just Looking good,

A neat kitchen with soft colors
accent Light

Design is more of a kitchen than a knife, and more of a lab than a beaker….

An aesthetics of modern look with warm colors.

Residential's interior
Residential's interior


Is not lack of something!!

It's simply the perfect amount of something.

An awe-inspiring merge of white n oak....

The Key to setting something Ordinary Apart is in the Details…

An awesome merge of white n metallic.

Residential's interior
Residential's interior

Elegance Isn't about being noticed.it's about being Remembered.

An Elegant white Kitchen of dreams.

Kitchen is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a Family.

A family Castle with tone of black and the effect of marble..

Residential's interior
Residential's interior

Cool tones create a mellow, relaxing place to get your bake on..

Mix Blue with Gray

If the contrast feels too stark between white and blue, opt for grey.