• Carpets


Carpet flooring adds warmth and to a room by ravishing its value. Looking after a new carpet flooring is a quick and easy procedure, carpet is a popular, decorative and practical flooring that provides an extra layer of covering to retain warmth and regulate temperature extremes. Carpet is definitely the safest type of flooring due to it's non-slip surface. It minimizes injuries when slips and falls do occur and this makes it ideal for families with young children and elderly people. There are thousands of colors, styles, textures and designs available to the shape and size desired. You can choose a carpet according to your own personal taste, depending on the color scheme of your room.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Provide better footing
  • Gives more safety and durability

Carpet flooring can add beauty and style to any room, suit contemporary or traditional style homes and commercial applications. with a wide range of styles and designs and the variety of fibers used in carpet manufacturing, each carpet delivers a different look, feel and varying luster to suit the needs of today's customers. Different carpets offer different characteristics- such as performance, durability, resistance to staining, feel and cost. Grandeur Living offers one of the largest selections of designer carpet and flooring styles in the area and we are involved in offering a unique collection of carpet.