• Customized Sofa

Customized Sofa

Having a unique style always special, when it comes to the sofa. It's your concept, so giving a special feeling to it shape the interiors. In Grandeur Living, whenever someone get to us for their custom built sofa wish, we would always love to hear their creativity and personality they look forward for. Our sofa designers are experts in making modern design that is extremely adaptable. By customizing the fabric to your favourite material and color, you can design a modern or classy sofa for an elegant home or play up its unconventional vibe with an inviting approach

  • Heroic design with comfortable seating
  • Anchors in room with attractive push
  • Better durability with uncompromising materials
  • Inspiring styles with luxurious features

The custom made sofa has the attraction for mesmerizing specific needs and requirements in terms of design, size and dimension. Analyzing with sofa designs makes a unique honesty for your furnishings as well as creates a modular view through the style which you implemented in designing the furnishings. Custom Sofa gives a perfect designer finish and it meets all the comfortable demands which help with supporting the body along curves and natural lines of the body. You have the decision-making power of selecting every element including the type of fabric, type of stitching, materials used to construct the furniture, etc. the most supreme benefit of having a customized sofa is that it provides exclusivity in the space where it is installed. customised sofa has a unique feel and look, as it reflects the person’s sensibilities and style. It adds an elegant touch to any space. When you invest in a customised sofa with Drapes India, you are most assuredly getting good value for your money. The craftsman is focused on producing quality, one-off pieces for you.

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